“The Power of You” Leads to a Lesson in Synergy!

In retention studies, the opportunity to learn and grow often ranks high on the scale of important factors. It is very rewarding in my profession to work with a group of people who are obviously dedicated to their company and excited about the opportunities for growth they provide.

Yesterday, I worked with a group of employees in a very specialized industry. The session was the first of six to provide training in leadership skills. The title of the session is “The Power of You.” It’s all about helping leaders at all levels understand that they have the power to make the company hugely successful, or not.

In discussing this company’s mission and culture, a picture of a growing, innovative, and customer focused organization became clear. What was also clear, are the benefits of working in a highly charged environment where new ideas are welcome and employees are challenged to produce great results.

The leaders in yesterday’s session talked freely about the benefits – what they like about their job. They like that the company is growing and that they have an opportunity to “control” future success. They like that they are empowered to offer new ideas. They feel there is an open environment for communication and greatly value the monthly meetings in which all employees gather to hear updates on company goals. They appreciate that they are given opportunities to achieve personal growth and that they are challenged to find new solutions.

There was a sense of pride in their discussions – they are proud of the performance of their company and excited about their future. This is a great example of synergy. To these employees, the success of the company is more important than the success of any one division.  They are clearly working together to achieve success.

When asked for input on what they hope to learn in upcoming sessions, these employees zeroed in on topics that will increase their power as leaders, and their ability to lead. Requested subjects included a variety of topics – all exactly right for improving their skills. My favorite – “insight on what not to do – what are the things that kill you as a leader?” I’ll be sure to cover that one in the upcoming sessions!

Lorna Kibbey

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