A ProductiveWeek in Naples with Amazing Public Managers!

I have spent this week in Naples, Florida, teaching Certified Public Manager (CPM) courses to twenty-eight dedicated public managers. I find myself humbled by the dedication and passion of these public sector professionals.

CPM is a nationally recognized program whose goal is to improve both individual and organizational performance of city, county, and state governments. The road to certification is difficult. In addition to 32 days of classroom training, candidates are required to complete outside assignments and open-book exams. There are eight levels of CPM and these folks have now completed the classroom requirements for Levels One and Two.

As we focused this week on managing groups and teams, it was obvious that these managers care deeply about their people, their organization, and their mission. They are hungry to learn techniques that will lead to improved performance. All of the work they are doing is voluntary – it is their choice to work toward certification! They have no promise – or even expectation – of more money or promotional opportunity, for completing certification.

Kudos to the government organizations who have invested in their employees and their future.  And a big thank you to the individuals who made this week special. Your input was awesome – your insights amazing – and your engagement exemplary! Now keep working on that certification! You can do it!

Lorna Kibbey

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