Are you finished? How leaders can keep change positive.

Brandy’s changing! Her first birthday.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

-Benjamin Franklin


A world class organization is an organization that is working effectively in the present and on future improvement initiatives at the same time – and learning from them. A leader needs to be aware of what is happening now but must also be envisioning what the organization must do to succeed in the future. Staying the same is no longer healthy, and no longer possible.

A savvy leader understands that times of change and difficulty are also times of opportunity. Employees bring out their cooperative spirit and if allowed, can do much to help the organization increase bottom line performance. This is the time for leaders to ask employees what opportunities they feel have been created by the economic downturn. The answers may be surprising and will certainly be insightful.

Looking at new ideas for improving work processes is suddenly urgent. The old story of not being able to make changes because of the time it takes to rework, is no longer viable. Much of the problem starts with attitude. Leaders need to make sure their own attitude is helping the situation – not hurting. Leaders must claim their choices; think, speak, and be positive; insist on a solution focused environment; and model all of this to help employees improve their attitudes as well.

Remember: to increase commitment to change, those affected need to be part of defining change. This means that YOU must involve your staff as much as possible in helping you to make good and right decisions that will result in a stronger and happier work place for all.

In times of change and difficulty, think positive – be more creative than ever before – and have confidence in what you know is right.


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